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Thursday, October 4, 2007

On Larry Craig, And Filibusters, Or, Wanna Make A Trade?

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”
--Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

There are times when only the most evil of thinkers are able to grasp an excellent opportunity to do good in a most unlikely place.

As one of the most evil thinkers I know, I stand here today to tell you that we have an opportunity to turn this Larry Craig situation into a chance to stand Mr. Bush’s war plans on their head-if we are willing to play the extremely brutal political game required.

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Before we proceed further, I offer two stipulations:

--I acknowledge up front that this is entirely inappropriate behavior for a civil person to propose.

--I further admit that this is no way to treat a man (Senator Craig) who is, in his heart, a troubled person in a most difficult situation.

That said, let’s set the stage:

We cannot advance the choices we want in regard to the war because our Republican friends in the Senate threaten to block any action with a filibuster; and further threaten to “hold the cards” that prevent the override of that veto.

There is enormous fear in the Republican community because of the “moral threat” posed by Craig’s decision not to leave the Senate, and the fact that that image of Craig’s “wide stance” will persist all the way to Election Day, dragging the Rs deeper into the muck the closer the vote gets.

At the moment, the Rs cannot remove Craig, which they would dearly love to do, because there is no way to obtain a majority on the Ethics Committee unless Democrats agree to join the R members of that committee in a vote.

Beyond that, there is no way the Rs can obtain the votes on the Senate floor to remove Craig unless Ds decide to throw the Rs a life preserver.

So what I’m advising is:

Let’s throw them that life preserver...for a price.

Harry Reid should approach Mc Connell and say something more or less like this: “You give me the votes I need to pass a Defense Department budget with a timeline attached, and you deliver the votes for the override...and the next day we’ll give you the votes to remove Craig.”

I know how inherently bad this is on a moral level, but you know what?

I’m sick of the idea that nothing will change in this war for 18 months, at least-and I’m ready to take any action that will stop Mr. Bush from creating the momentum he wants to carry this war into the next Administration.

I will happily trade Craig’s political life for the very real lives of the 1000 or so troops that will die before January 2009.

If all that wasn’t enough, it will teach the Rs some very real lessons about what you sow when you treat politics as a Rovian exercise.

So that’s my idea for today.

I admit it is the wrong way to practice politics, but that said I feel the savings of 1000 American lives is well worth the sacrifice of Craig...and I suspect any Republican who is a fan of Jack Bauer will have a tough time disagreeing.


conefor4200 said...

Senate-the good solution is to replace the whole senate.

Too many senators did not live up to our expectations.

The whole body is guilty for giving us the two new Supreme Courts justices Alito and Rogers.

fake consultant said...

corporations often employ a method of electing the board of directors called "staggered terms" that makes it virtually impossible to replace an entire board, and the senate is structured the same way.

there will be 34 senators elected this year (here's the list) and 33 in each of the next two cycles, so any effort to actually replace them would take at least 6 years.

(note that the vast majority of senators up for election this cycle are republicans, suggesting substantial changes in the ability of the rs to filibuster and even sustain vetoes might be possible.)

the house, on the other hand...