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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On Open-Source Campaigning, Or, Do It Yourself Yard Signs

Just yesterday I was doing some reading at the BlueNC site, and I found this story by persondem who is planning to make and presumably distribute anti-McCain yard signs.

persondem was asking the community for slogans...which got me to thinking, “why not?”

Before I knew what I was doing I had created roughly 50 of the darn things—and that’s how we get to today’s story...

As I said, there are quite a do you have a handy beverage and a snack?

OK, then, if you’re ready, here we go...

Family values?
Ask his first wife...

McCain for President?
"A cold chill down my spine..."
--Senator Thad Cochran

We need a President...
...not McPatton.

Only tax the middle class.
Then the rich can afford
to hire more of us.

John McCain or Ron Paul?
Who’s the real conservative?

$3 billion a week
X 100 years =
Your kid’s future

McCain’s foreign policy?
Visit nice places.
Meet nice people.
Then kill them.

What flip-flops more than
a Waffle House pancake?

Screw the people.
Vote McCain.

Who needs change now
when things are so great?

The Keating Five
wasn’t a basketball team.
McCain = business as usual.

McCain: “Hey lobbyist!
Why don’t ya come up
and see me sometime...”

McBush Part III:
This time it’s...kind of sad, really.
Choose better.
Choose Obama.

Remember when...
...people liked America?
Vote Obama.

Halliburton thanks you
for your generous support
of our bottom line.

McCain: He never met a
lobbyist he didn’t like.

buggy whips...

Second wives
for McCain.

Why support our vets when
we can spend that money
bombing Iran?

Broken economy.
Broken military.
Broken reputation.
McBush ‘08

Is it appeasment
when you surrender
your principles?
Ask McCain.

Look out! It’s the
Swerving Talk Express.

Truth, Justice,
and the Lobbyist Way.
Vote McCain.

Summer shoes...or
McCain strategy?

McCain supports
oil rigs
near our beaches.
Do you?

Better GI Bill?
McCain: Gee, I
don’t think so...

Obama wants you.
McCain wants...
your kids.

90% of the military
is in Iraq.
Gas is $4.50/gal.
Can we afford either?
Vote Democratic in ‘08

I went to Iraq
and all I got
was this lousy
artificial arm.
End the war now.

Price of gas: $4.50/gal.
Prosthetic arm: $30,000
A soldier’s sacrifice: priceless.
End the war now.

War in Iraq...
...gas costs $4.50
War in Iran...?

Do you work part time
to pay for gas?
Elect McCain and it’ll be
full time.

Support remedial economics.
Vote McCain.

Can your kids afford

Gas costs more...
Food costs more...
Government works less.
McBushonomics explained.

McCain: A better GI Bill?
They don’t need no stinking
GI Bill...

No Iraq timelines
and we’ll be home in 2013.
That’s my McCain!

The Bush tax cuts are bad
and I support them.
That’s my McCain!

Christian Evangelists are bullies
until I need their votes.
That’s my McCain!

I support immigration reform
but not my own bill.
That’s my McCain!

I won’t be seen with Mr. Bush
but he can raise money for me.
That’s my McCain!

Sunni? Shia?
Shunni? Squia?
I’m not quite sure.
That’s my McCain!

I support campaign finance reform
but not my own bill.
That’s my McCain!

I understand the Middle East
if Lieberman is close by.
That’s my McCain!

I support the troops
but not a new GI Bill.
That’s my McCain!

I travel to Iraq
but I can’t remember who’s who.
That’s my McCain!

The economy is in trouble
and economics is my weak area.
That’s my McCain!

Tax cuts for the rich
deficits for you.
That’s my McCain!

She stood by me
all through Vietnam
so I dumped her.
That’s my McCain!

So who else is making signs this summer?
Feel free to use these...and send in a few of your own.

Let’s kick his butt...and have some fun doing it!

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