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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On Taking One For The Team, Or, Hillary’s “Sniper” Truth Revealed

There has been much made of Hillary Clinton’s recent Bosnian “sniper” incident, and many who have a lower opinion of her as a result.

For the first time ever, we can now reveal in this space that far from being untruthful, Senator Clinton in fact has taken a major political hit in order to protect an important national security program…the existence of which she has not been in a position to reveal.

Through the use of secret anonymous sources we will reveal the surprising reality…the “rest of the story”, if you will—and although you may be shocked, you probably won’t be surprised.

Most of you recall the scene…The First Lady leaving the aircraft, looking entirely comfortable despite the potential dangers she might encounter in Tuzla…and many of you recall her saying that she exited the aircraft “under sniper fire.”

Well it turns out there was some considerable truth in her claims—but as we will discover, it’s all buried in a cloak of extreme secrecy we can only now reveal.

Many of you will recall her story of being taught to shoot out there at her grandfather’s house on Lake Winola, but what you may not know is that her grandfather was a sniper for US forces in World War I who personally killed over 600 Germans with a Sharps .50 rifle he brought to Europe from Pennsylvania when he enlisted—the same rifle his father used to kill over 12,000 Indians during the conquest of the West.

Even her grandfather was amazed at Clinton’s ability to shoot—a talent not unnoticed by the CIA, who recruited her during her time at Yale Law School.

For more than 20 years she studied spycraft under their tutelage, gaining knowledge in training techniques useful during times of insurgency.

Once President Clinton ascended to the White House, it was time for the Agency to cash in. In one of the most closely guarded secrets of the 20th Century the Clinton Administration started in 1992 on a plot to “neutralize” Osama Bin Laden…a man they already knew posed the gravest of threats to America.

The plot?

Sending Hillary to train secret “sniper squads” of Bosnian Mujahedeen who would be willing and able to infiltrate Al-Qaeda and act as American “moles” today—and killers of Osama Bin Laden tomorrow, if need be.

She made visits to at least 85 countries that are publicly acknowledged during her tenure as First Lady—each time training, supporting, or recruiting personnel for the CIA…using her amazing marksmanship skills to cement friendships with men (and some brave women) who might be otherwise unwilling, for cultural reasons, to associate themselves with Western women—especially when the woman is “in charge”.

And while it was their sniper training that got them invited to Afghani training camps to prepare for careers as foot soldiers for Allah (PBUH), it was the inspiring example of an empowered, eagle-eyed Hillary that made them choose to secretly continue to support the USA.

That’s how we knew about Tora Bora, that’s why we actually have informants throughout Waziristan monitoring Bin Laden’s every move (if we didn’t, don’t you think we’d be saturation bombing the place?), and that’s why we made such a fuss out of the whole “wanted: dead or alive” episode…so that they wouldn’t know they’ve been infiltrated.

The process has taken several years, and it is only since 2002 that our people have risen to the highest ranks of Al-Qaeda…while others wait, in 85 countries, to inform if need be—or to do more.

Once it became clear that Clinton was going to run a cover story had to be put in place to preserve the operation…and that’s the part of the story we can only reveal now:

Top officials in the CIA’s Directorate of Operations approached Clinton and she agreed, in a spirit of extreme patriotism, to allow the Bosnia story to be brought out, but only after arranging for everyone present to deny that any snipers were present.

Clinton agreed to the ruse in order to discredit her own contribution, there and for the other 85 “cover trips”, creating the misdirection that those who met with her on her many visits needed to maintain the operational security that will allow the infiltration to go forward.

That very day in Tuzla, three of her own snipers killed a Yemeni hit squad that had been dispatched to the area by Al-Qaeda; and who were able to disguise themselves as airport workers until just before her aircraft landed, when their weapons were sighted by an alert spotter teamed with one of the snipers.

Remember the little girl? She was actually passing a message to Clinton in poetic code from a small group of Chechens who were reporting information from within that country at a most important time…and she was willing to come forward today and deny any danger because this mission cannot be compromised, even though a Presidential candidacy is on the line.

So there you go: Senator Clinton is actually one of the greatest rifle shots in the country today, her unique skills and position allowed her to “ramrod” one of the greatest espionage operations in the history of the CIA, and today she’s willing to risk everything—even her chance at becoming President—to keep the cover story from being blown.

And you wondered if she could handle those 3AM calls.
I’ll bet you don’t now.