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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

On Abortion Protestors, Or, What If They Had A War And Nobody Came?

There is poetry in judo.

Consider this quote from the International Judo Federation website:

“What are some of the working principles of Judo?

The use of balance and off-balancing. The use of leverage to achieve greater power. Taking advantage of the opponent’s strength. Taking advantage of the opponent’s weaknesses. The value of yielding and giving way. The proper application of timing, momentum and force.”

To see an opponent felled by his own perceived strength, to see a combatant adapt the techniques of another to reach victory-it’s a beautiful thing.

This is why I want to take a bit of your time today to discuss the business of war, and the lessons of abortion.

Before we do, let me set the stage.

I propose that a potential weak link in the Administration’s efforts to continue the war is recruiting.

I suggest that many of the individuals considering enlistments are not getting both sides of the story, and that a few facts delivered in a compelling manner would be useful.

Further, that highly public demonstrations in major media centers will have disproportionate impact.

And finally, that techniques borrowed from abortion protesters could be used with great effect against the US military recruiting effort.

Having put forth the concept, let’s discuss the practical applications of this line of thought.

There is no more important media market than New York City.
If you can make it there, well, you know the rest…
And since 1950, dead in the middle of Times Square sits the Times Square Armed Forces Recruiting Station-or “The Booth”, as it’s also known.

The place is famous, and as a result it draws enlistees from all over.

The Army Corps of Engineers’ “Engineer Update” refers to the location as a “recruiting powerhouse”

It was the site of a “don’t ask, don’t tell” demonstration just last November, in fact.

And now it’s time to discuss abortion.

Any readers familiar with the term "sidewalk counseling"?

If not, let the Pro-Life Action League fill you in:

“Sidewalk counseling is exactly what the name implies—standing on the sidewalk outside an abortion clinic, counseling women and couples on their way inside. It is a last attempt to turn their hearts away from abortion and offer real help.”

Here’s more:

“Sidewalk counseling is, in my estimation, the single most valuable activity that a pro-life person can engage in. When pro-lifers counsel at an abortion clinic they come between the baby who is scheduled to be killed and the doctor who will do the killing.

Counseling goes to the heart of abortion. Babies are killed in abortion clinics or hospitals or doctor's offices, and pro-lifers go there to intercede for the baby's life. Our job is to get more people on the streets to stand between the killers and the victims… We believe so firmly in the humanity of the unborn child that we put ourselves between the child and the abortionist. But we must be armed with knowledge and skill. We have to do the saving through words, actions, right attitude, and prayer.

As we said, sidewalk counseling is probably the single most valuable pro-life activity we can engage in. If done on a large scale, it may prove to be one of the main means of stopping abortion. If abortion clinics don't have customers, they go out of business. Two or three counselors, on a regular basis, at each of the abortion clinics in the United States, could save a hundred-thousand lives each year. Many clinics would be forced to close.

Requirements for effective counseling are an interest in people, compassion and empathy. The best counselors are good listeners, since people often find their own solutions if they have someone to listen while they talk out their problems. Counseling is nine-tenths listening and one-tenth advising.”

(From the book “CLOSED: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion”, Joe Scheidler)

They use images to discourage abortions, as well.
Giant pictures of aborted fetuses are a favorite tool.

So imagine if every time some gung-ho high school kids walked up to “The Booth” they were forced to see an Iraq war vet and her artificial leg.

Pictures of the coffins.

Images of the innocent, but still dead, Iraqi children.

Oh, and don’t forget the "Truth Trucks"

The reality of war-right in their faces.

Sidewalk counselors helping the newly aware to come to a different decision.

You might ask: “is it even legal to do all this?”

Remember the poetry of Judo?

Check out the Pro-Life Action League’s “Know Your Rights as a Sidewalk Counselor” page for an excellent discussion of these issues.

The Station is in Times Square.
How much media you think dead soldier pictures, Truth Trucks, and coffins would attract?

Do the same thing in L.A., Chicago, and D.C., and somebody’s gonna have a problem.

I’m not the only one thinking along these lines, by the way.
Check out this story, and this list of organizations who are also trying to impact recruiting.

So, anybody feel like having a war where nobody comes?

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